Get your analytics going

Whether you have Atlas or not, Modern Analytics will give you valuable insights to arm you with facts and help you take the right actions.

You've invested in Office 365, but how do you know what success looks like across Teams, SharePoint, Yammer, and more?

Maximise the ROI of Office 365 with Atlas and powerful analytics.

Traditional web usage analytics only tell part of the story. You need deep insights into adoption patterns to ensure your goals and KPI's are being met - and if not, what to do about it. And if they are, well you need to be able to shout about it and have some great looking charts and reports to go with it!

Tell stories about your data

Leadership knows they need to invest in digital transformation, but articulating success is a daunting task. Modern analytics allows you to dynamically surface success stories through pattern matching making your leadership reports a breeze.

Better recognise key influencers

You'll quickly find key influencers and subject matter experts that you didn't even know you had. Recognizing these individuals and including them in your digital transformation strategy will accelerate your project success.

The basics of Modern Analytics in Office 365

Any Atlas implementation in Office 365 will enable you to take advantage of an overview report as shown here which further contains the reports below.

You can view them by choosing the tab on top of the report page. All values of the month shown on the top section of the report refer to the latest complete month.


Offers an all-up summary of adoption trends. Use the reports in this section to learn how your users have adopted Office 365. See how Atlas has impacted the adoption and how the overall usage of the individual services has changed month over month. You can see how may users are enabled, how many people in your organization are actively using Office 365, how many are returning users, and how many are using the product for the first time.


Offers a drill-down view into the volume of active users and the key activities for each product for the last 12 months. Use the reports in this section to learn how people in your organization are using Office 365.


You can see at a glance whether people in your organization prefer to stay in touch by using Teams, Yammer, email, or Skype calls. You can observe if there are shifts in patterns in the use of communication tools among your employees.


See how people in your organization for example use OneDrive and SharePoint to store documents and collaborate with each other, and how these trends evolve month over month. You can also see how many documents are shared internally or externally and how many SharePoint sites or OneDrive accounts are actively being used, broken out by owners and other collaborators.


Track which clients and devices people use to connect to email, Teams, SharePoint or Yammer.

And there are more options with Atlas

If you want to go a lot further with Modern Analytics then we are not going to hold you back. Atlas includes options for advanced analytics that can be implemented in hours and seamlessly works alongside the basic analytics reports, while allowing you incredible depth and breadth when it comes to raw data and reporting capabilities. 

Here is an example of a report within the advanced analytics package from tyGraph implemented with Atlas. This report shows the tyGraph Measure of Active Engagement (MAE).

Get your analytics going

Whether you have Atlas or not, Modern Analytics will give you valuable insights to arm you with facts and help you take the right actions.

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