Are you ready for remote working?
Atlas helps you to keep important projects on track.
Informing and engaging employees during difficult times

With COVID-19 continuing to impact people and countries around the world, teams everywhere are moving to remote work.

In addition to ensuring work can continue, organisations are wrestling with how to keep people safe and informed about late-breaking news, changes to policy and guidance, and answers to common questions. We have compiled some useful tips and guidance based on our own experience as well as a number of useful resources provided by Microsoft.

We hope to inspire you as to how you can empower open conversation, drive awareness and engagement, exemplify corporate values, and, in challenging times, foster empathy and support.

Connecting and communicating in communities

Targeted communications like email tend to be one-way “broadcasts”, without expectation or affordance for two-way engagement.

Communications distributed to silos like distribution lists or teams have the potential to engage people within, but not across those silos.

Communities, however, connect people across organisational and geographic silos. Communities connect people, no matter what team, department, or business unit they’re in. That’s what makes communities unique—they’re about the people, first.

During difficult times, it’s critical to give people a common, open place to gather and to share experience. In a community, every member benefits from a sense of support and belonging, and the organisation learns what people need. No other enterprise communication channel works as effectively as a community to provide a forum for questions to be asked, knowledge to be amplified and experience to be lived.

In a time of need, communities enable leaders to engage with employees, communicators to reach their audience, experts to share information, and people to connect with each to share experience, to brainstorm ideas, to lend a hand, and to lend an ear. In a community that brings people together to address a crisis or challenge, leaders, communicators, and members can Share announcements at scale. The community provides a consolidated channel for communication. An announcement reaches members with notifications web, on mobile and in email.

The community promotes quick sharing of information that can bypass corporate bottlenecks even when coming from official channels. Build community, in the broadest sense of the word. When people come together to share an experience, they share empathy and build bonds that extend beyond their work groups and immediate peers. 

Share knowledge

The community provides a one-stop-shop for people to ask questions, and get answers. Knowledge shared is searchable and discoverable, enabling others to find important information. Understand people’s needs. HR & Communications can use polls and can monitor the conversation to gain deeper insights about employees and their needs, which in turn accelerates the development and delivery of communications and solutions that address those needs. 

Reach and engage employees on mobile devices, wherever they are 

Leaders can even conduct live and on-demand events, to broadcast important messages and to answer questions of the community. 

Empower and recognise contribution

Community members can be active participants, contributing ideas, skills, and experience to be part of the solution. Praise can be used to recognise achievements and contribution as the community works through the challenges it faces.

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Are you ready for remote working?
Atlas helps you to keep important projects on track.

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