In the Managed Services Team we’re working flat-out from month beginning to month end making sure you—our clients— are receiving the best service for the solutions we’ve designed for you. Often, we find ourselves working insularly or with individuals who directly raised the tickets submitted to us, so the rest of you guys don’t get to see the kind of magic we do here. To give you some more insight into our world we thought we’d show just an ordinary ‘week in the life of’ a Managed Services Support Person. In fact, we’re going to show you two weeks in July instead of just a regular week, because it’s summer and we’ve just been that hot this month.


If ClearPeople was in the business of theatre production, issues we class as “Showstoppers” would be like our lead actor getting a sore throat on opening night or like, someone literally ‘breaking a leg‘ out there. Showstoppers are kind of a big deal and it’s when Managed Services get all hands on deck to fix the problem ASAP. In July we had three Showstoppers that looked a bit like this:

  • Client A – Couldn’t edit a page that needed to be published ASAP
  • Client B – Main website down
  • Client B – Main website down (again)

The first Showstopper was related to an update on a system that needed to be critically patched and had an impact on custom code used for the solution. Needless to say, after investigating the issue and communicating with the client we came to a fast resolution and got the requested page edited and online in under a day.

The other two Showstoppers were raised by ClearPeople once it was picked up by our proactive monitoring systems that the client's website was down. In both cases we reported the incidents to the client before they were aware of the issue, and worked together to fix the outages as we temporarily had no access to their production servers.

During Showstoppers, we commit to providing clients with hourly updates until the issue is resolved, often accompanied by regular update calls. Internal communications go via Yammer as part of the internal ITIL processes we adhere to. We also provide our Clients with a post incident report following any major incident which details what went wrong and make recommendations to mitigate the risk of it occurring again.

Whilst this was challenging, this is where good teamwork comes into play. Dare we admit that secretly we enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with them!

Other Tickets and Challenges

With regards to ‘Major’ (otherwise known as 'priority 2') Gemini tickets (which are still super important, but not quite “showstoppers”),

  • We've had 19 during July (all of them resolved as of publish)
  • 10 were fixed within four hours of being raised

All of our Managed Service contacts come with their own set of challenges. For some of you, we have a large number of stakeholders within the business, numerous different tracking tools and we're working alongside third party's you have existing relationships with.

Additionally, we rely on support third parties such as Microsoft, Sitecore and KEMP and sometimes need to escalate issues to the Professional Services team which needs to be resourced at short notice. We’re eternally grateful when ClearPeople from around the business come to help us out at short notice and our clients for their patience. The ability to adapt ourselves to the situations our clients face is imperative to being successful and our collective skillset enables this every day.

In addition to the day to day support, we have been getting out and meeting you lovely people for face to face Service Reviews. If you haven't got round to seeing us lately, or want to talk to us about how you could have your managed services reviewed, just feel free to drop us a line. We love meeting you guys in person, for real!

Anyway, that’s us. That’s ClearPeople Managed Services. We’re out there chewing gum and dealing with tickets, and when we run out of gum we start chewing through the tickets too. While we support our clients to the best of our ability we would be nothing without the help of our fellow ClearPeople. We hope this quick look into our week has been eye-opening and given you a better understanding of what we actually do.

Author bio

Emma Stern
Emma Stern
Head of Managed Services
I love developing and implementing our managed services strategy, but I am most passionate about client satisfaction, the end user experience and I absolutely LOVE Yammer. When I’m not working, I’m training for Tough Mudder, hiking, travelling the world or being a cat mom.


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