With Office 365, the strikes didn't matter. I could get to work from anywhere on any device... 

We were all getting a bit sick and tired of the tube strikes. They impacted our businesses and disgruntled those of us trying to navigate our way around the Capital in order to get our work done. I'm lucky enough to be able to work from home when London Underground decide to shut up shop. Not only because I'm trusted to get on with my work (obvioulsy!) but because it's so easy to log on at home and get access to all my emails and documents without the need for VPN. That's because ClearPeople use Office 365 which allows users to work on their own devices, wherever they are, and with a fast and seamless experience when they're doing it.


At its heart is Office itself - the familiar Office applications businesses use everyday—now offered as a cloud service, so it’s always up to date. But Office 365 is also so much more. It’s about bringing enterprise-grade services to organisations of all sizes, from online meetings to sharing documents to real-time collaboration. It's modern business in the Cloud.


Business-class email  

I've got a large 50GB mailbox that can send messages up to 25MB in size, with shared calendars, and spam and malware protection that stays up to date. It's built with Exchange email technology, the leading email solution for business around the world. I can login using my own custom domain for my professional email address, connect with Outlook for fully featured offline support, and access email via any modern web browser. It's available on my PC and Mac, as well as Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices.


Online meetings

Lync allows me to hold scheduled or ad-hoc online meetings for up to 250 participants, with screen sharing, audio and video, virtual whiteboards, polls, and shared notes. I can talk to clients, partners, suppliers and colleagues through any HTML5 browser.


Online document storage and file sharing 

This is the lifesaver. With terabytes of space in the cloud to store, backup, and easily share files, I can gain access to documents from almost any device, also synchronised offline and available without an Internet connection.


Private social networking and collaboration

With Yammer, I can set up a social network that helps me stay connected, share information across teams, and make faster, more informed decisions. 


Office & Mobile Productivity

It's not only good for me, but it's also good for my employers and their business...

Office 365 changes how employees do their work, but it also changes how companies consume IT:


Simplified IT management  

It reduces headaches by reducing their IT infrastructure. Content lives safely in globally-distributed datacenters with continuous backup and disaster recovery abilities. 


Financially-backed SLA  

They've got peace of mind knowing services are available when they need them with a financially-backed 99.9% uptime service level agreement.


Reduce capital expenditure

Office 365 is available as a simple monthly subscription. You can avoid large up-front costs for new software while moving the cost of IT from capital to operating expense.


Cut hardware and energy costs  

Without servers to run for email, websites, and document storage, the reduction in energy costs has been massive and there is no large bill for purchasing new server hardware. 


Be always up to date

Since Office 365 is in the cloud, it is always up to date. No patches or software upgrades necessary. Microsoft is adding new value and capabilities on a monthly basis.


License what you need  

Office 365 provides many plans to fit the right capability needs and price points for each user in the organisation.


Scale your business quickly  

Office 365 grows with the business. Adding a new user is as simple as buying an additional license. 


So, the tube strikes don't have to be a nightmare - talk to ClearPeople to find out how Office 365 can benefit your business.

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Ricky Wallace
Ricky Wallace
Marketing Manager
I manage the delivery of ClearPeople’s marketing strategy. When I’m not getting excited about delighting customers with exceptional experiences, researching the latest tech trends or analysing data to glean insight, I’m often seen dancing to Little Mix or watching Emmerdale.


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